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Asian Americans face dual challenges: Surging unemployment and racism

NBC News - July 31, 2020

For Filipino American nurses on the COVID-19 front lines, faith is stronger than fear

Angelus Magazine - July 16, 2020

'I have to find the Mecca of my heart': Muslims grieve as hajj is drastically limited

Religion News Service - June 26, 2020

Muslim voters are getting organized for the 2020 election

The Christian Century - June 4, 2020

Asian Americans report over 650 racist acts over last week, new data says

NBC News - March 26, 2020

A place for homeless families to sleep in their cars: How a group of interfaith partners is making use of their idle parking lots

The Christian Century - January 9, 2020

Meditation apps proliferate, even if what they provide is not enlightenment

Religion News Service - October 15, 2019

How this campus ministry is tackling student homelessness

Sojourners - September 20, 2019

Despite black Catholicism's rich history, African American priests are hard to find

Angelus Magazine - March 6, 2019

Buddhist monk finds digital road to the Latino world

Religion News Service - January 7, 2019

Orange County Latinos are finding solace in Buddhism

Los Angeles Times OC - October 15, 2018

Shrine to Vietnamese Lady of La Vang rises in Southern California

Religion News Service - November 16, 2018

A down payment on making hajj easier for Muslim women

Religion News Service - August 11, 2018

Young women seek a nun's life with a joyful Vietnamese order

Los Angeles Times - June 15, 2018

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Inspired in part by Malcolm X, Orange County Muslims travel to distant prisons to minister to inmates

Los Angeles Times OC - April 15, 2019

Local churches take turns opening their doors to the neediest in winter

Angelus Magazine - February 6, 2019

How a Sikh tradition inspired a program that gives 1,000 burritos to the homeless each week

NBC News - September 24, 2018

New religious order takes on LA's homeless crisis

Angelus Magazine - September 12, 2018

Little Saigon's restaurant scene revives as second-generation Vietnamese Americans mix it up

Los Angeles Times OC - November 29, 2017

Latino Muslims find home at mosque led by Cambodian refugees

NBC News - July 13, 2017

Jails serve immigrants and inmates: A look inside O.C.'s immigrant detention system

Los Angeles Times Weekend - July 29, 2016


Japanese American Hiroshima victim on the reality of being bombed by his own country

NBC News - August 6, 2020

How a bilingual media program taught a Chinese community about COVID-19

NBC News - July 2, 2020

What we can learn about resilience from indigenous leaders

Yes! Magazine - April 24, 2020

Amid coronavirus, calls and texts to mental-health hotlines are surging

California Health Report - April 2, 2020

As coronavirus spreads, Asian Americans report spike in racism

California Health Report - March 9, 2020

Predatory fines: How a traffic ticket can lead to homelessness

The Christian Century - November 22, 2019

Crystal Cathedral is reborn as Christ Cathedral, the center of O.C. Catholicism

Los Angeles Times OC - July 17, 2019

A woman's place—at the mosque: How American Muslim women are transcending barriers to leadership

The Christian Century - July 9, 2019

A ministry of love in the heart of the city

Angelus Magazine - June 18, 2019

How 1800s racism birthed Chinatown, Japantown and other ethnic enclaves

NBC News - May 13, 2019

Local catechumens look forward to the start of 'a new life' this Easter

Angelus Magazine - April 16, 2019

Creative duo reimagines the Bible for a visual generation

Religion News Service - March 18, 2019

More than 700 sign student petition to add Asian American studies classes

Los Angeles Times OC - February 1, 2019

'What did we do?' Shutdown leaves Asian-American seniors without critical resources

NBC News - January 24, 2019

In 2018, Vietnamese Americans found new political prominence

NBC News - December 20, 2018

Agency makes it easier for Asian American families to foster children

Los Angeles Times OC - December 13, 2018

Historic Los Angeles church, once an activist hub, seeks new life

The Christian Century - December 12, 2018

'More the merrier' marriages at San Gabriel Mission

Angelus Magazine - December 2, 2018

Congressional battleground expands to historically conservative Little Saigon

NBC News - October 29, 2018

At a Korea-sponsored school, Americans learn the language through K-pop, dramas and more

NBC News - October 8, 2018

California churches address housing crisis

The Christian Century - August 22, 2018

After 50 years of 'Asian American,' advocates say the term is 'more essential than ever'

NBC News - May 31, 2018

Southern California mosques welcome rising number of Latino Muslims

The Christian Century - April 9, 2018

Refugees who left post-war Vietnam document their journeys in 'Viet Stories'

NBC News - April 5, 2018

Activists seek to preserve historic Japanese-American site involved in possible sale

NBC News - March 26, 2018

Advocates fight to save grant that helps preserve the history of World War II internment

NBC News - March 14, 2018

Orange County parents opt to put children in language immersion programs

Los Angeles Times OC - March 1, 2018

Bishop ordained to be a 'bearer of light' to O.C.'s Vietnamese Catholics

Los Angeles Times - December 27, 2017

Fearing deportation, Asian immigrants seek U.S. citizenship

Los Angeles Times - December 21, 2017

The only active Vietnamese-American bishop wants to help bring diversity to the Church

NBC News - October 23, 2017

Want to see the Catholic Church's future? Go to mass in the fast-growing Diocese of Orange

Los Angeles Times OC - October 5, 2017

Garden Grove family wins battle with government bureaucracy in effort to get life-saving treatment for mother

Los Angeles Times OC - September 28, 2017

Muslim women find on-trend apparel at this modest fashion convention

Los Angeles Times OC - August 17, 2017

Some laundry love for homeless and needy families in Huntington Beach

Los Angeles Times - July 25, 2017

Finding peace (and quiet) at St. Michael's Abbey

Los Angeles Times OC - July 16, 2017

'Muslims in America' portraits showcase community's diverse roots

NBC News - June 19, 2017

Muslim-American Manzanar pilgrimage finds parallels between internment, modern day

NBC News - May 4, 2017

Training hopes to build 'pipeline' for Muslim candidates after Trump election

NBC News - April 13, 2017

Episcopalian ESL instructors teach more than English

Los Angeles Times OC - April 12, 2017

'A delivery boy' for God: Greg Laurie and his Harvest Crusade are back for a 27th year

Los Angeles Times Weekend - August 12, 2016

Group lends an ear and a helping hand to immigrant detainees

Los Angeles Times Weekend - July 29, 2016

How O.C. parents led the groundwork for school desegregation in the U.S.

Los Angeles Times - April 20, 2016

Activists are asking the U.S. for a stamp honoring Japanese American soldiers during WWII

Los Angeles Times - March 22, 2016

Orange County teacher is on a mission to preserve Telugu, a language that's endangered in U.S.

Los Angeles Times - January 31, 2016

Tufts University acquires Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter's papers

Bay State Banner - December 10, 2016

The Gospel of Amy-Jill Levine: The life and times of a Jewish New Testament scholar

Moment Magazine - November/December 2013

Michael Pollan: The high priest of American food

Moment Magazine - July/August 2013

Vegan cooking: Deliciously metaphysical

Moment Magazine - May/June 2013

What is the future of religious freedom in the U.S.?

Moment Magazine - March/April 2013

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